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Paderborn Brewery, a modern and efficient brewery with a beer brewing tradition dating back to 1852, became part of the Warsteiner Group in 1990.

Paderborn Brewery produces a wide range of beer products, including Paderborner Pilsener, Export, Hell, Alt, Alcohol-Free, Radler, and Non-Alcoholic Malt. Regional specialties include Paderborner Pilger (a naturally cloudy country beer with a mild taste), Pilger Ur-Radler (non-alcoholic Pilger), Liborius Dunkel (with premium roasted malts), and Geselle on the Walz lager. The brewery also produces premium local draft beer brands such as Isenbeck Premium Pils, Weissenburg Pilsener, and Paderborner Gold.

In line with our commitment to sustainable development, we proudly produce beer using wind energy at the Paderborn brewery. 


Paderborner is the first beer in Germany produced using wind power, and our wind turbines meet 40% of our annual electricity needs. This allows us to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy and continuously operate in an ecologically sustainable manner.

This location is one of the windiest inland locations in Germany. Paderborn wind turbines can generate about 5 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity annually. The total height of this impressive complex is 170m – 12m higher than Cologne Cathedral!

Paderborner – A beer with tradition


In the Middle Ages, anyone was allowed to brew beer, which led to a proliferation of breweries in Paderborn. This trend continued for centuries, and in the 16th century, there were an estimated 400 breweries in the city. Paderwasser (the water from the Pader spring) and Paderborn hops were both very popular and ideal for brewing delicious beers.

In the 18th century, many monasteries, guilds, and hospitals were still involved in beer brewing. However, this number declined sharply in the following centuries, and by 1900, there were only five breweries left in Paderborn. Paderborn Brewery emerged from the “Hillemeyer brewery” under the name “Paderborner Actienbrauerei.” In 1918, immediately after World War I, Paderborner Actien Brauerei merged with Vereinsbrauerei Schönbeck & Co. and was renamed “Paderborner Vereinsbrauerei GmbH.” In 1965, the brewery was renamed “Paderborner GmbH Brewery.” In 1983, the brewery in the city center was abandoned and moved to a new location in the Mönkeloh industrial park. Today, only the street name “Alte Brewery” identifies this traditional place. In 1990, the Nies family, who owned the brewery, sold the business to Warsteiner Brewery. Since then, many different types of beer have been produced with great success under the new name “Paderborner Brauhaus Cramer.”

The success of the Paderborner Snobby bottle


A very special event in the large German beer market in the 1970s was the birth of the Snobby bottle. The unique disposable glass bottle shape has created great appeal to consumers. Its distinctive design has made it famous in the region and popular with beer lovers. The bottle’s cap is designed with a tear ring that can be easily opened without any assistance. This Snobby bottle disappeared from the market when production switched to reusable bottles in the late 1980s. Perhaps also because the market today requires reusable glass bottles or cans, the Snobby bottle is no longer available.

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